Katz Comments on New Leadership at Independent Sector

Dan Cardinali feels ready to modernize Independent Sector.

During the dozen years he’s led Communities in Schools, he transformed the nonprofit with a multiyear effort to improve programs using data and a new philosophy that rejected restricted grants that didn’t fully meet its needs.

And now he’s ready to bring that kind of big-picture thinking to Independent Sector.

"I’m excited to engage in that process again," he says. "I see there are immense opportunities to promote the common good."

Mr. Cardinali, age 50, was named Tuesday to lead the coalition of charities and foundations. He will have big shoes to fill when he takes over in July. He follows Diana Aviv, an icon whose 12-year tenure was marked by her passionate defense of charitable tax deductions and her efforts to thwart greater regulatory control over nonprofits. Ms. Aviv also launched a series of conversations with nonprofits and foundations designed to help discern the future of nonprofits.

Many nonprofit leaders expressed enthusiasm — and some surprise — at Independent Sector’s decision to hire Mr. Cardinali. Irv Katz, interim chief executive of National Human Services Assembly, believes the association has found a worthy successor and someone who "represents a new generation."

He encouraged Mr. Cardinali to expand the scope of the organization beyond hosting its annual conference and protecting charitable tax-deduction legislation.

And he would like to see Mr. Cardinali broaden Independent Sector’s role to encompass civic society more generally.



Excerpt from an article written by Rebecca Koenig that appeared in The Chronicle of Philanthropy on February 24, 2016 titled "Independent Sector CEO Praised as Data Savvy and Collaborative" in which the National Human Services Assembly's Interim President and CEO, Irv Katz, was quoted. Read full article >>