Code of Ethics

The National Assembly recognizes that as an association it is accountable to its members and as a nonprofit organization it is accountable to the government and the public as well. It must earn the support of its members and the trust of the public every day, trust that can only be earned by adhering to the highest ethical standards for the nonprofit sector. The Assembly aspires to no less than this.

Adhering to relevant laws and regulations is the minimum standard of expected behavior for a government-sanctioned nonprofit organization. We aspire not just to obey the law but to embrace the spirit of the law, going beyond legal requirements to ensure that what the Assembly does is consistent with what it is established to do. As such, transparency, openness and responsiveness to public concerns are integral to our practices.

National Human Services Assembly Code of Ethics Document. (PDF)

Report any perceived ethical wrongdoings of the National Human Services Assembly, to Ethics Point

Note: This is not to report on other organizations, only the National Assembly itself.

Ethics Point