Peer Networking

PurchasingPoint Council

Chair: Chris Kalavsky, Senior Manager, NBOA & Sonya Llewellyn, Assc. Dir. HR Services, 501c Agencies Trust

NHSA Lead: PurchasingPoint Team

About the council

The PurchasingPoint Council is a forum for individuals in purchasing, membership, or marketing/communications directly responsible for sharing the PurchasingPoint program with their members/affiliates to network, share best practices, and stay on top of procurement and group purchasing issues affecting the nonprofit sector.

Most Recent Meeting

Jun 13, 2017

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Recent Topics

  • Reframing Human Services: A New Narrative for the Sector
  • The Overhead Myth: Moving Toward an Overhead Solution
  • Unique & Innovative Member Benefits


Meetings are generally held once per year in the Washington, DC area.