Peer Networking

Operations Council

Chair: Kent Johnson, COO, YMCA of the USA and Margie Wang, COO and CFO, Junior Achievement Worldwide

NHSA Lead: Melanie Richardson

About the council

The Operations Council is a forum for CFOs, COOs, and CAO's (or other top officers in operations) of National Assembly member organizations to network, share best practices, and stay on top of operational (and related) issues affecting the nonprofit human services sector.

Most Recent Meeting

Oct 13, 2016

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Recent Topics

  • Effectively Scaling Programs -- Delivery Vehicles that Work
  • Fundraising with Better Returns
  • Knowing the Signs of Financial and Organizational Vulnerability
  • Leading Transformational Change Within your Organization
  • Nonprofit Risk Management
  • Nonprofits and New Media: A Dialogue
  • The Elements of Transformational Systemic Change
  • Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities in the New Nonprofit Economy


The Peer Council meets once a year, usually in or near Washington DC. Meetings are typically 10 am-3 pm.