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Building Well Being: A New Narrative for Human Services

The Assembly engaged FrameWorks Institute to conduct a rigorous research and testing process in order to identify a new frame for human services. Based on these findings, they created an overarching story that significantly increased the public’s understanding of what human services are and why they are critical to a vibrant society.

We call it the Building Well-Being Narrative.

The most effective way to use the Building Well-Being Narrative is to invoke the recommended values, metaphors, and examples by:

  1. Opening with an appeal to the Value of Human Potential. 
  2. Expanding the frame for human services by using the Explanatory Metaphor of Constructing Well-Being.
  3. Reframing the assumption that human services should be temporary by drawing on Explanatory Examples that come from across the Life Cycle.

Image used courtesy of the FrameWorks Institute.

Get Started!

The Building a New Narrative on Human Services Toolkit offers free resources that include talking points, tips for professionals looking to increase their comfort level with communicating within the new frame, FAQs, and background information on the research informing the reframing recommendations.

Find Out More

We encourage you to explore the research underpinning the Building Well-Being Narrative and take advantage of the free tools developed to help you bring your communications into alignment with the research.

Talking Human Services: A FrameWorks Multi-Media MessageMemo synthesizes the research that informed the development of the new frame and offers recommendations for the human services field to utilize the frame to more effectively communicate the scope and value of their work.

Related Human Services Issues Reframed

Once you’ve set the overarching frame for human services, your audience will be better prepared to learn about the specific issue you want to address. Our partners at FrameWorks have a wealth of resources to help human services professionals more effectively engage audiences on a range of topics that are relevant to the sector. We encourage you to weave FrameWorks’ issue-specific recommendations into your communications.


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